Our Products


Whilst we work in many sectors of the woven apparel fabric market, below are the categories we are best known for. In each, we can either present our On The Way collections to be manufactured in our Asian mills, show you our immediately Available fabrics or the latest collections from our partner mills. Should you need something more specific, we will be happy to source it for you!
  • Shirting Fabrics

    Our supply chain of Yarn Dyed and Plain Dyed cotton and cotton/poly blends in wide range of regular and special finishes from Indonesia, Thailand and China is now in it’s 4th decade of operation.

    Poplins, Oxfords, Filafils, Dobbies ,Yarn Dyed Stripes/Checks and interesting Dobbies keep our Shirting collection seasonally fashionable and familiarly classic .

    Suitable for the fashion, office and uniform markets this collection is known throughout our markets for it’s consistency, reliability and affordability .

  • Suiting Fabrics

    Our partnerships with the very best suppliers in Asia allows us to present our collection of T/R , PolyViscose and PolyWool blended fabrics from India, Indonesia and China .

    With the formal and casual sectors of the market blending more and more together, we try and keep our collection fun but at the same time focused to mean business . Our ranges are ideal for the Fashion , Office or Uniform markets.

  • Casual Cottons and Denim Fabrics

    Selecting items for our Agha Denim and Cotton Collection has become one of the seasonal highlights for our buyers and customers alike. Our collection encompasses beautiful items in the middle to upper-middle market ranges.

    Our exceptional partners in Pakistan,India and China ensure our collections are up to date, affordable and unrelenting in quality standards. Not to mention beautifully interesting to look at and deliciously comfortable to wear.


You are most welcome to visit our garment units across Cairo.
Egypt - historically famous for its pioneering flax weaving and “brilliant, silky, smooth” cotton fibers – is now a major garment production destination. Enjoying extremely competitive production costs and a very short 3-4 day shipment time to Europe is one thing, but the fact that there are no import duties at all into the EU, North America or most of Africa make Egypt a must-do location for garment production.
You can get lost in the enormous garment factories in Egypt, but we prefer to offer our products from medium sized units where we can ensure we respect our staff and adhere to our customer’s quality requirements and standards whilst controlling and managing operations more effectively.
Don’t forget our textile sourcing & distribution team can help you find the right fabric to make your garment complete. Let us show you our Immediately Available fabrics or source your next collection and provide you with a final garment. Or we can simply provide CMT services.
  • Shirts

    We produce a wide range of shirts suitable for both the fashionably casual and the timelessly classic. Furthermore, our uniform shirts have flown our flag in airlines, hotels, schools and governmental organisations across the world. Most customers find the fabric they need within our collection but we will be happy to use nominated suppliers.

  • Trousers

    Sold separately or as part of a suit we support our trouser production with an extensive range of fabrics. We are working on introducing a new line of chino trousers to complement our existing formal line.

  • Suits

    We produce business suits for every day, sport jackets and casual suits for après-work and special occasion Ceremonial suits for those unforgettable moments. We look forward to presenting our fabric ranges or using your nominated suppliers.

    We hope our range of modern machinery, skilled and experienced labor-force and passion for fabrics will combine to allow us to offer a garment which will be worn with pleasure.